The Body Champ WB125 Pro-Spirit Standard Weight Bench Reviews

The Body Champ WB125 Pro-Spirit is a standard weight bench. It is often sold at Amazon for $99.99 but prices can vary. In the event you order from Amazon, you may receive the product within 1 day and, if you appreciate, wrapped in gift wrap.

The Statistics

The bench is built to accommodate a typical 1” bar which can be up to 6’ in size. It has also been designed with a non-pinch catch finish and also padded cushions. Users from the bench are able to adjust the bench to three positions, a couple of which are incline and such as flat. The bench also offers leg lift with foam rollers for anyone users who want to work their legs concurrently. The company claims that the bench is easy to assemble. The company stress that the item is a bench only and thus does not include any weights whatsoever.

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Some of the Pros

Some customers who used this product praised it for its quick and easy assembly as well as mentioning that they found the product to be very strong. Customers were a fan of the products low price, which is considerably lower than that of some models, and many recommended it as a starter kit for people who have just started lifting weights.

The Body Champ WB125 Pro-Spirit Standard Weight Bench Reviews

A Few of the Cons

However, quite a considerable amount of people discovered, upon arrival, that, the bench was not suitable for slightly bigger people, especially those who are able to boast a height of over six foot. They also found that, in the product specification, it does not say anything about a maximum weight so, for those people who are rather tall, they found that, by combining their weight with the weight of the bar and weights, they were well over the two hundred and fifty pound weight limit for the product. Some customers were disappointed when the product arrived as they were missing several pieces.

On some occasions, customers also found that they were unable to return the product which meant that, the product was left to languish in a storage area somewhere. Some customers said that, despite the product description stating that the product did not come with a bar and weights, they found that the picture of the bench complete with a bar and weights somewhat misleading and they said that, because of this, they now wish to return the product to the company who made it. Some customers also discovered that, when they tried to alter the level of incline, it didn’t work so, they were simply stuck with a bench that was stuck at the same level of incline. Customers also mentioned that, the bar was situated far too close to their face which, they found irritating as well as ever so slightly nerve-racking.

Customers also said in their reviews that, the side bars on the machine are far too close and that, the fact that the bar is situated very close to the face means that the machine has an unfortunate habit of damaging users wrists. Many customers found that, whilst they were delivered all of the parts which are necessary to build the bench, they later on found that, these parts were not the right parts which, they said, was immensely irritating as the product is rather difficult to return.

The Body Champ WB125 Pro-Spirit Standard Weight Bench Reviews – Despite receiving some positive reviews which often mentioned the low price and the quick and easy setup of the product, the majority of customers who reviewed the product gave it very negative reviews, with some customers scoring the product just one star. All in all, customers recommend the product for a starter kit but, if you’re serious about weight-lifting, you should invest in a better quality one.